LG’s Tiny Projector Makes Huge Images in Small Rooms

If you’re willing to trade video resolution for a projector that will work anywhere,. The company’s new PH450U is an ‘Ultra-Short Throw’ projector with a 2.5 hour battery so you can use it in virtually any room, no matter how tiny.

LG claims that the UST technology can produce 80-inch, 720p video from just 13 inches away, which means you won’t need to put it in the back of a huge room to get a good picture. The 2.5-hour battery should be long enough for most movies (save for, say,or), multiple rounds of Overwatch or just reviewing your photos from that day’s camping trip.

Content can be projected over an HDMI cable and via a USB drive. The PH450U also has support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It’s pricey, though. The projector will cost $650 when it debuts at Best Buy next month, followed by other retailers later in the year. A smaller model, the PH150G, will be more affordable at $350 when it shows up on store shelves in October, but you’ll settle for a weaker 130-lumen lamp.

These may not seem as sharp as the 1080p displays we’re used to or the 4K displays we lust over, but they’ll help make for some serious.

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